Graphicriver - Light Saber Photoshop Action 18542969
Light Saber Photoshop action that will transform your image producing the effect of a laser sword with an advanced smoke background behind the subject. You mark the subject (and optionally the eyes) by brushing over on a separate layer. The action creates the effect by generating multiple organized layers with smart filters, blend options and layer masks in order to provide rich customization possibilities.
  • Advanced result with multiple customization possibilities
  • 3 actions included
  • Main action without eyes
  • Optional action with eyes
  • Optional action to intensify result
  • Move/rotate/resize the laser sword
  • Very easy color change
Graphicriver - New Dimension Photoshop Action 17939100
Create these effects with the New Dimension Photoshop action.
The action works on the area of the image you define by Brushing (the subject of the image).
Every time you run the action an unique result will be produced, even if you don?t change anything.
Multiple layers are generated with vast customization possibilities: Smart layers with Smart filters, multiple color controls for the effects and blending options.
The action also comes with 12 color presets for an impact look.