DESIGN RULES: Fundamental Principles + Practices for Great UI Design
 DESIGN RULES: Fundamental Principles + Practices for Great UI Design
English | 5hr 9m | Video: 720p


When it comes to User Interface (UI) design, your job — whether you're a designer, developer, UXer or a mix of all those things — is to make sure that no aspect of someone’s onscreen interaction happens without explicit intent. The UI design choices we make have to reflect the user’s motivations, expectations, environment and possible actions.

WordPress - Local install & Online Migration with WordPress
English | 60m | Video: 720p


In this course you will learn how to download and install the Xampp software needed to build WordPress websites offline on your home (localhost) computer. Once you have built a WordPress site you will learn how to download and install a WordPress plugin that will enable you to compress the local site, and then migrate it to an online hosting server. Occasionally with the plugin method you may run into WordPress migration problems with some host providers. This course will teach you a second method to migrate your WordPress site manually without using a plugin. This second method is a little more complex as it involves exporting and importing your databases, but it is a fail safe method that should work with all WordPress sites and hosting providers.

Lynda - Adobe XD Essential Training: Prototype and Share (2019)
  English | 1hr 20m | Video: 720p | Project files | Subtitles 
Adobe XD is a fantastic platform for UX design that allows you to create rich prototypes with fixed elements, overlays, and complex animations. It also has powerful features for capturing feedback and for developer handoff. Demian Borba is a strategic development manager for XD and, in this course, he shares insider tips on prototyping and sharing design and prototypes with XD. Learn how to build artboards into clickable prototypes with transitions and detailed microinteractions; record prototypes as videos; preview on iOS and Android; and export to After Effects. Then, when it's time for sharing, create web links with your work for stakeholders to review with comments and pins, and with developers via Design Spec links, where they can get all the info they need, including assets. 
Introduction to HTML and CSS: Create Your Own Website From Scratch
Introduction to HTML and CSS: Create Your Own Website From Scratch
by Rob Huddleston

English | 2018 | MP4 | Video: 720 | Subtitles: no | Duration: 2h 38m | 286 MB
Get started on the basics of creating websites with HTML and CSS. Relying on only the most up-to-date techniques, this video course provides a way for you to quickly begin coding basic websites on your own.
Key topics to be covered are the foundational concepts behind how the web works and the advantages to coding your own site versus using online templates. Then, you will be introduced to the HTML tags used on the vast majority of sites and learn how to properly structure sites to make them easy to design, easy to maintain, and flexible enough to view on all screens (also known as responsive design). Finally, CSS will be introduced to show you how to create beautiful designs.